Cage Double Seated Control Valves

Model No. KA-10C
Cage Double Seated Control Valves

  • Cage Double-Seated Control Valve
  • PN 16/40/64; ANSI 150/300/600
  • Size: DN 40 ~ 200 ; NPS 1-1/2” ~ 8”
  • Cage double-seated seal
  • Plug and cage self guided
  • Four holes in the cage


·Widely used in high pressure, high pressure drop, high temperature, low temperature liquids.

·High performance in flashing, cavitatiion, low-noise and high-stability environments.

Structure Features:

·Cage double-seated seal, plug and cage self guided, four holes in the scage


·DN 40~200  NPS 1-1/2"~8"


·PN 15~200 NPS 1/2"~8"

End Vonnections:

·Flanged: FF, RF, RJ, FM

·Standards: ASME B16.5

                  JIS B 2201, GB/T 9113

·Welded: SW(≦50)  BW(≧65)

·Standards: ASME B 16.11

Body Materials:

·Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Steel

Plug and Seat Materials:

·Plug: 316, 316L, 304+STL, 316+STL, 17-4PH

·Seat: 316, 316L, 17-4PH, PTFE

Flow Characteristics and Maximum Flow Coefficients:

·Equal percentage or linear

·Cv valve: 11 to 850

Shutoff Class (ASME B16.104)

·Metal seat: Class Ⅲ

·Soft Seat: Class Ⅱ

Available Actuator Types:

·HA or VA 6 pneumatic actuators and 3610L ekectribic actuators