A New Factory Build Up in Vietnam !
October 30, 2019


 ● Vertical integrated production system to deliver consistent quality.
Like Kingdom’s Zhongshan and Fujian factory, the Vietnam factory also has fully vertical integrated production system: from mold fabrication, investment casting, machining, assembly, testing to packing are made fully in-house to provide consistence quality.

     Plant Outline
     ● Established : Year 2019
     ● Land Space : 71,000 m²
     ● Floor Space : Casting Shop: 34,000 m²
                               Machining Shop: 16,000 m²
     ● Employee : 550 (planned) (stage 1)
     ● Capacity : 300 metric tons monthly (planned)
     ● Activities : Manufacturing of fittings and valves

   Large capacity with capability for expansion to service your growing demand.
With land space of 71,000 m², the Vietnam factory has potential to increase the capacity to 10,000 metric tons per month to service your demand.

Casting Shop
Two-story building with total floor space of 34,000 m² (365,973 ft²)
Estimated completion: End of June, 2019
Machining Shop
Two-story building with total floor space of 16,000 m² (172,222 ft²)
Estimated completion: End of July , 2019



Automatic production equipment to provide efficient and stable process.
Vietnam factory is equipped with the advanced automatic production system such as robotic arms for shelling making and machining process to provide high efficiency and stable quality.

Main Production Equipment    
Advantages   Equipments & Facilities Q'ty 
Automatic and semi-automated wax injection & dewaxing
   equipments enhance production efficiency for wax castings.  
Automatic Wax Injection Machine  6
Semi-Automated Dual Station Wax Injection Machine 8
Semi-Automated Disc Type Wax Injection Machine  2
Semi-Automated Dewaxing tank  2
● Stable Shell Mold Production System Automation Solution for Shelling Process (KUKA) 4
● Stable & Efficient Drying System in Shell Molds Constant temperature and humidity Controling Room 4
● Low Energy Consumption Furnaces  High Efficiency 300KW Medium Frequency  Melting   4
Semi-Automated Pre-heat Furnace For Shell Mold 4
● Safey & Quality Improved Heat Treatment Process Nitrogen-Based Atmosphere of Heat Treatment Furnace 4
● Automatic & semi-automated equipments enhance
   production efficiency and reduce workload in workshop.
Automatic Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine 4
Semi-Automatic Picking System  2
Automatic Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine 2
● High Capacity Machining Facilities  CNC Lathe   80
Semi-Automated Tapping Machine 20
Automatic Tapping Machine  6





      Automation Solution                       
         for Shelling Process

  • Stable shell making process.
  • Efficient & effective drying the shells.








   Shell Room Automation         
          for Investment Casting

  • Robotic Dipping












       Automatic Hook Type Shot                          Blasting Machines





       Heat Treatment Furnaces





Excellent location for convenient transportation. 
Vietnam factory is close to major airport and seaports in Hochiminh