About Kingdom

KI was founded in 1973 and our headquarters is located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. In 1991, 2000 and 2012, we built factories in Guangdong, Fujian and Suzhou China. Our business covers the flow control products and machining centers. After more than thirty years of growth and innovation, KI has grown into a global enterprise that combines research and development, production, sales and service under one roof.

It is the focus on innovative technologies in product development and the surpassing of customer expectations that drives KI's continued efforts to develop more convenient, more efficient and more reliable products.  


  • Jun.1973, Kingdom Flow Control Co., Ltd. (Taiwan Headquarter) was established.
  • May.1991, Zhongshan factory was established.
  • 1996, KI passed ISO 9001 certifications.
  • Apr.2001, Fujian factory was established.
  • Jun.2003, Kingdom Valves & Fittings Co., Ltd. was established in Zhongshan, targeting to domestic business.In the same year of 2003, KI was awarded with API-6D.
  • 2004, KI was awarded with PED Certification and PED (WO) Certification.
  • 2005, products manufactured by KI passed fire-safe test, and awarded with API-607
  • 2006, KI was awarded with special equipment manufacturing license, and became the first enterprise in Guangdong who was audited and performed workshop inspection by Quality Supervision Bureau.
  • 2007, KI was awarded with TA-Luft and HPO Certification
  • 2008, KI was awarded the honor of Level A of taxpayer.
  • Apr.2010, Kingdom CNC Machinery (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was established.
  • 2010, KI was awarded with GOST Certification
  • 2010, KI was awarded with RoHS Certification.
  • 2010, KI was awarded the honor of “Loving Enterprise”.
  • 2012, KI was awarded the honor of “Contract-observing and Promise-keeping enterprise” seven years constantly.
  • 2013, Fujian factory Expansion completed.
  • 2019, Kingdom Flow Control (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. was established.
KI Zhongshan Factory
Zhongshan Kingdom Flow Control Co., Ltd. (China) Established May, 1991
Floor area 24,400 m²
Employee 563
Capacity 2,700 metric tons annually
Activities R&D and Manufacturing of valves, fittings, OEM machined castings and related products.
KI Fujian Factory
Fujian Kingdom Precision Casting Co., Ltd. (China)
Established April, 2001
Floor area 28,400 m²
Employee 585
Capacity 3,000 metric tons annually
Activities Manufacturing of valves,fittings, OEM machined castings and related products
Production Process
Vietnam Factory
Kingdom Flow Control (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.  
Outline of the new factory 
Location: Binh Duong Province, Vietnam 
Land Space: 71,000 m²
Floor Space: Casting Shop: 34,000 m²
Floor Space: Machining Shop: 16,000 m²
Employee: 550 (planned) (stage1)
Capacity: 3,300 metric tons annually (planned)
Activities: Manufacturing of fittings and valves